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Pinchas, shoe repair.

Micha, framer.

Meet Micha, our local framer.

Well, a lot more than just a framer, he's a fatherly figure in the neighborhood, a friendly wave on the way to the supermarket 'How's Ryan? How are your children? Bring them back to my shop soon!' 

His workplace is filled with boards, tall sticks and staples along with boxes for charity and stickers that speak of love of God. 

He called me over and showed me a picture of his father-in-law, brushing the faded image of his face with his worn thumb. 'My wife's father was a men's suit tailor in the country of Georgia, he used his relationship with members of the government to help the Jews in his area. He was a great man.'

I feel privileged to know a great man too, a gentle framer in a small shop on a quiet street in Jerusalem.

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